Hungry Shark Evolution: Dominating the Under Water World

  1. Before diving into the Blue Ocean, ensure to use the free gems & coins feature. You could see by a simple tap on the total diamonds choice. Every day, you will get certain video trailers to watch. Each of these offers you with 1 gem.

Watching these clips will also enable you to get 100 coins for each clip. Before enjoying the game, make this your daily task. However, there’ll be time when you’ll hardly see any video trailers to watch.

Also, by liking the Facebook fan page of this game, you will easily get 5 free gems.

  1. A fully developed Megalodon Shark can easily battle with the giant crabs, however if your shark is not fully developed yet, you could still take the giants down. Also remember that the larger the crab, the more its range of attack will be.
  1. Irritate the giant crab in order to dodge its pincers three times. This will expose the crab’s shining weak point. Use the boost attack each time. The enemy crab will start changing its sensitive points which will also represent its power & health (Green indicates that it has full health, orange indicates that its health is at 50 percent while red indicates that it is about to die).
  1. Baby Sharks can be great as they will swimming along the sides your big shark as well as offer you whatever comes in your path. You will be able to unlock the baby shark by buying it using either gems or coins. If you are low on budget, you could try out the latest Hungry Shark Evolution hack tool to unlock the baby sharks for free.
  1. After selecting your primary shark, visit the shop & purchase the baby version of your favorite shark.
  1. Every single shark you will use will have different points total which is required for reaching a particular milestone. Every shark will also have a different time period. The Hungry Shark Evolution hack tool allow you to buy all the shark accessories which play an important role in extending the time scale for the Gold Rush of your shark.

Whenever you see that your Gold Rush has been enabled, go crazy & try to feast the maximum amount of creatures before the power goes off. By accessing the whole map of this game, you can use the special power feature by reaching the bottom right part where you will see decent volume of Blob, Angler Fish as well as Gulper which you could feast on for gaining maximum number of points.

For a limited time, you can have full access to one of the best hungry shark evolution cheats present in the market today. With this tool, you’ll no longer need to waste your hard earned cash to use the premium features of this game. The Hungry Shark Revolution Hack tool offers you with limitless coins, gems, boosts as well as premium sharks.

Strategy making in Boom Beach

SuperCell has successfully managed to present another hit game Boom Beach for their users. It is available on both Android an iOS. It is pretty much same to the Clash Of Clans. Working and the objective as the player of the game , is similar to Clash Of Clans but different concept is introduced in this game. There are many Boom beach hacks available. Most of them are fake. So, don’t fall for them and play your legal game.

boom beach hack

Boom Beach is combat strategy game . You have to make perfect strategy in order to defeat other players. The game goes around a character, on a tropical island archipelago with a mission of stopping Lt. Hammerman , who is the commander of blackguard army . Blackguard army attacks different islands to take over them and enslave their inhabitants. Players have to build and train troops to fight and maintain defense incase of external attack.They have to upgrade their bases with troops and buildings.

Strategies are the pivot in boom beach . A perfect strategy is a boom beach hack to win. Coming to the strategies of the game , You have to maintain balance between defense and attack . As, combination of both are required to defend your own and destroying other’sdifficult bases.

The best strategy for attacking on bases is sniping. It is used when headquarter building has little or no defense. In this technique , you use , heavies and Rifleman for attacking headquarter. You can execute this strategy , only if you can tackleenemy’s long range defense e.g Boom Canon etc. Another popular strategy is that you first target Head quarter with warriors as they are fast and have high impact attacks . Another plus point of using warriors is that with each attack they make, they heal there proportion of health. This is effective and fast way to destroy head quarter and conquer other’s island. Similarly , they are effective , if you can manage , enemy’s those attacks that have higher rate of damage. You can use shock bombs or Artillery for destroying or disabling those defenses.

Coming to defense , you might have heard or practiced placing buildings with no spacesformaking it difficult for enemy to reach your head quarter. This strategy can go the other way around. You have to maintain space among your building as single powerful attack like Artillery can destroy all your building on a single hit , if space isn’t maintained.

While talking about defense , your base layout and head quarter position matters . You have to use your defense buildings both long range and short range . Different layouts are preferred for people in different levels , because many options are unlocked on higher levels as game progresses. The best way for thinking defending strategy for your base is that , you plan things considering an attack on your own base. This can help you finding loop holes in your defense . Just remember , you have to make such a layout , that it becomes difficult for enemy to approach and attack your buildings. Use mines and other similar objects that are hard to avoid by enemy. Use canon with distance among each other in your design. This removes the chances of disabling all canons in a single shock.

Hope it helps !